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Smart Contracts Audit Services

Our team of cybersecurity and Blockchain experts will rigorously test your smart contracts and issue a report.

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What does a Smart Contracts audit consist of?

A Smart Contracts audit involves a comprehensive review process conducted by blockchain and IT security experts. Its main objective is to evaluate the security, efficiency and functionality of smart contracts prior to their implementation in a blockchain network. During this review, we seek to identify and correct possible vulnerabilities and errors that could be exploited by malicious actors, thus ensuring that the smart contract is risk-free. In addition, it is verified that the contract complies with the established requirements and specifications, performing the expected operations accurately and reliably.

Smart Contracts Audit Phases

Code Analysis and Security Assessment

In this initial phase, a thorough analysis of the source code of the smart contract or dApp is carried out. Using specialized tools and manual review, potential security vulnerabilities and bugs, such as reentrancy, integer overflows and other known attack vectors in the blockchain environment are identified.

Stress and Efficiency Tests

In this technical phase of the audit process, stress tests and performance evaluations of the smart contract or dApp are performed. Extreme load and traffic conditions are simulated to identify potential bottlenecks and evaluate system scalability. In addition, the efficiency of the code is analyzed to optimize its performance and minimize resource consumption in the blockchain network. The results of these tests are used to improve the robustness and efficiency of the smart contract or dApp.

Audit Report and Recommendations

Upon completion of the code analysis and stress testing phases, a detailed report summarizing the audit findings is prepared. This report includes a comprehensive description of the vulnerabilities and weaknesses identified, as well as specific recommendations to mitigate the associated risks. The client is provided with a clear view of the problems encountered, along with technical guidance to effectively address them.

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What Does Our Audit Service Include?

From thorough code analysis to stress and efficiency testing, we make sure we cover all the important aspects to ensure the security and optimal performance of your projects.

  • Exhaustive source code analysis.
  • Security assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Stress and efficiency tests to evaluate system performance.
  • Detailed report with specific recommendations to improve safety and efficiency.
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Start your audit with us

Our team of blockchain and IT security experts has years of experience in auditing smart contracts. Upon completion of the audit, you will receive a detailed report summarizing our findings and providing specific recommendations to improve the security and efficiency of your smart contracts or dApps. Our goal is to provide you with a clear view of the problems encountered and help you address them effectively.

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