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Blockchain-based dapps development in Spain

At Metlabs, we specialize in the development of platforms based on Blockchain technology. Through our experience and expertise in this revolutionary technology, we offer innovative and secure solutions for various industries.

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What is a dapp in Blockchain?

A DApp, or Decentralized Application, is an innovative creation in the field of blockchain technology that redefines digital interaction. Operating on decentralized platforms such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Arbitrum, DApps eliminate the need for intermediaries by executing smart contracts automatically and transparently.

The distinctiveness of a DApp lies in its decentralized architecture, leveraging the immutable and secure distributed ledger technology of the blockchain. By decentralizing their operation, these applications eliminate single points of failure, improving security and resistance to cyber-attacks.

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Crear dapps basadas en blockchain

How to develop dapps on Blockchain?

The first step is to understand the specific features and requirements of the chosen blockchain, whether it is Ethereum, Polygon or Arbitrum. Our team of developers at Metlabs, experts in these leading platforms, will work with you to define the objectives of your DApp and select the most suitable blockchain.

Smart contract coding is essential in the development of DApps. This is where the expertise of our programmers at Metlabs comes into play, who will translate your vision into secure and efficient codes, taking full advantage of the capabilities of the selected blockchain.

Our Blockchain development and programming services

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Smart Contracts Development

We develop Multi-chain Smart Contracts: Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum… through Solidity.


Dapps Development

Create innovative decentralized applications with our expertise in Dapps development.

Token Development

Boost your project with our token development services ERC-20, BEP-20 etc.

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Smart Contracts Audit

Ensure the security and transparency of your smart contracts with our specialized audits.

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Tokenomics & Whitepaper

Design a solid strategy for your blockchain project with our tokenomics and whitepaper services.

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Development of NFTs

Expand your business possibilities with our ERC-721 NFT development services.

Why choose us for your Blockchain development?

Experience and knowledge:

Experience and knowledge:

We have a team of experts in the development of Blockchain-based solutions. Our professionals are highly trained and updated on the latest trends and technologies.

Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions

We understand that each project is unique. That's why we specialize in creating customized solutions that fit your company's specific needs, whether you're looking to improve security, optimize data management or explore new business opportunities.

Transparency and trust

Transparency and trust

With Blockchain, our customers can have full confidence in the security and veracity of their processes and transactions. Blockchain technology provides an immutable and transparent record, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of your data.

Unique Front-end design and development

At our blockchain development company, we pride ourselves in offering advanced solutions to take your project to the next level. A fundamental part of these developments is our focus on front-end creation using cutting-edge technologies such as React JS and Next JS.

In a constantly evolving technological landscape, it is essential to keep up to date and take advantage of the most efficient and modern tools available. For this reason, we rely on React JS, a highly popular and widely used JavaScript framework. React JS stands out for its reactivity and ability to create intuitive and attractive user interfaces. Its component-based approach allows for a modular and scalable structure, giving us the ability to efficiently and quickly develop front-end applications with an outstanding look and feel and user experience.

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Programadores Freenlacer en España Latinoamerica

Freenlacer dapps programmers in Blockchain

Metlabs was born as the union of a group of freenlacers programmers passionate about the development of dapps and Blockchain solutions. Currently, with +4 years of experience, we create advanced Web3 solutions for business projects. If you are looking for a team of young programmers to support your project, tell us about your project.

Do you have a question?
We answer the most frequently asked questions about dapps development

Decentralization is fundamental in the development of DApps, as it eliminates dependence on intermediaries and provides greater security. Instead of relying on a central server, DApps operate on distributed nodes, which improves resistance to attacks and ensures data integrity. This decentralized approach also fosters transparency and trust among users, as all transactions and operations are immutable and verifiable on the blockchain.

The development of DApps involves several phases, from conceptualization to implementation. At Metlabs, we start with a detailed analysis of the client's objectives and the choice of the most suitable blockchain. Our team then dives into smart contract coding, leveraging expertise in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Arbitrum. The user interface design phase is handled by our expert designers, followed by rigorous testing and optimization to ensure optimal performance prior to launch.

Ethereum stands out for its maturity and robustness, Binance Smart Chain for its speed and efficiency, and Arbitrum for being a layer 2 solution for Ethereum, improving scalability. Each choice has its own advantages and Metlabs advises its customers to select the most suitable platform according to their specific needs.
Smart contracts are the core of a DApp, automating the execution of agreements without intermediaries. At Metlabs, our expert developers code efficient and secure smart contracts, ensuring that every line of code is optimized for performance and security. We perform extensive testing to validate functionality and mitigate any potential risks prior to DApp release.

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