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We are your Blockchain development company in Zaragoza

Expert Blockchain Programmers in Zaragoza

At Metlabs, we have been creating Blockchain-based decentralized applications for +5 years. We are a team of Blockchain & Web3 programmers passionate about creating new experiences and utilities in this sector. Do you have a project with potential and do not require technical expertise? Launch your Blockchain project with us.

Desarrollo Dapps Zaragoza
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Programadores Blockchain Zaragoza

What is a dapp blockchain?

A DApp, or Decentralized Application, is a type of application that runs on a blockchain network. Unlike traditional applications, DApps do not rely on a single centralized server, but use blockchain technology to decentralize their structure and operation.

  1. Decentralization: DApps operate on a decentralized network of blockchain nodes, meaning there is no single point of control or failure. This increases resistance to censorship and improves security.

  2. Smart Contracts: DApps often use smart contracts, which are self-executing programs with built-in rules and logic. These contracts are automatically executed when certain conditions are met, without the need for intermediaries.

  3. Immutable Record: The information on the blockchain is immutable, meaning that once a block of data is added to the chain, it cannot be modified or deleted. This provides a transparent and verifiable history of all transactions.

Our Blockchain Development services in Zaragoza.

smart contracts

Smart Contracts Development

We develop Multi-chain Smart Contracts: Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum… through Solidity.


Dapps Development

Create innovative decentralized applications with our expertise in Dapps development.


Token Development

Boost your project with our token development services ERC-20, BEP-20 etc.

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Smart Contracts Audit

Ensure the security and transparency of your smart contracts with our specialized audits.

token economy

Tokenomics & Whitepaper

Design a solid strategy for your blockchain project with our tokenomics and whitepaper services.

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Development of NFTs

Expand your business possibilities with our ERC-721 NFT development services.

Empresas desarrollo Web3 Front-end en madrid

Front-end development for Blockchain in Zaragoza

Intuitive User Interface: We design interfaces that are not only visually appealing, but also intuitive. Our goal is to make interaction with blockchain technologies easy to understand and use for any user.

Frictionless Blockchain Integration: We develop front-end solutions that seamlessly integrate with blockchain logic and functionality. From visualizing transactions to interacting with smart contracts, we make everything flow efficiently.

Mobile and Responsive Compatibility: We recognize the importance of mobility. Therefore, our interfaces are compatible with mobile devices and are designed to provide an optimal user experience on any platform.

What is a Smart Contract?

A Smart Contract or smart contract is a self-executing computer program designed to facilitate, verify or enforce the negotiation or execution of a contract on blockchain.

Smart Contracts are written in specific programming languages and run on a blockchain platform such as Ethereum, which pioneered the implementation of this technology. The key feature of a Smart Contract is its ability to execute automatically when certain predefined conditions are met. This eliminates the need for intermediaries and reduces fraud risks, as contract execution is based on the code and transparency of the blockchain.

¿Qué es un Smart Contract?
Desarrollo de aplicaciones descentralizadas

Development of Smart Contracts in Zaragoza

Explore our Smart Contract Development service, designed to drive efficiency and reliability in compatible EVM networks such as Ethereum and Arbitrum. With an expert focus on Solidity, the leading programming language for smart contracts, we manage the entire development cycle, from conceptualization to implementation and deployment.

Our highly experienced team ensures that your smart contracts are robust, secure and resource-efficient. We excel in creating solutions that optimize efficiency and increase transparency in your operations. Automation and self-execution of contracts provide an additional layer of trust and security.

We tailor our services to your specific needs, providing personalized advice to ensure that your smart contracts are perfectly aligned with your objectives. Discover how our strategic approach to smart contract development can take your project to new heights in the exciting landscape of compatible EVM networks.

Most common questions about Blockchain development in Zaragoza

Creating a blockchain-based application involves several steps from planning to implementation and maintenance. Here is a summary of the process:

  1. Definition of Purpose and Objectives:
    • Identify the need or problem that the blockchain application will solve.
    • Establish clear and measurable objectives that are expected to be achieved with the application.
  2. Choice of Blockchain Platform:
    • Select the blockchain platform that best suits the project requirements (Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Binance Smart Chain, etc.).
  3. Architectural Design:
    • Create an architectural design that defines the structure and components of the application.
    • Decide whether the application will be public or private and define the nodes and participants.
  4. Development of Smart Contracts:
    • Codify the smart contracts that will define the application logic and business rules.
    • Use programming languages specific to the chosen blockchain platform (Solidity for Ethereum, for example).
  5. Front-end and Back-end development:
    • Create the front-end of the application for user interaction.
    • Develop the back-end to manage application logic that is not on the blockchain.
  6. Blockchain integration:
    • Connect the front-end and back-end to the blockchain via APIs and web services.
    • Ensure the security and integrity of transactions.
  7. User Interface (UI) development:
    • Design an intuitive and attractive user interface for easy user interaction with the application.
  8. Tests:
    • Perform extensive testing to ensure the correct functioning of the application and the security of smart contracts.
  9. Implementation and Deployment:
    • Carry out the implementation and deployment of the application on the selected blockchain network.
  10. Monitoring and Maintenance:
    • Establish a monitoring system to ensure continuous performance and detection of potential problems.
    • Provide regular maintenance, updates and upgrades as needed.

This process is iterative, with continuous adjustments and improvements as feedback is obtained and the application evolves. Close collaboration between developers, blockchain specialists and stakeholders is essential to the success of the project.

A smart contract is a stand-alone computer program that automatically executes, validates or facilitates the execution of a contract when certain predefined conditions are met. These contracts are executed on a blockchain, usually on platforms such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or EOS. Here I explain the basics of what a smart contract is and how it is programmed:

What is a Smart Contract?

  1. Executable Code:
    • A smart contract is a set of executable code stored on the blockchain.
    • It is used to automate and automatically execute agreements and transactions without the need for intermediaries.
  2. Conditions of Execution:
    • Smart contracts contain logical (if-then) conditions that determine their execution.
    • For example, a contract may transfer funds to a recipient if certain conditions are met.
  3. Transparency and Security:
    • Being on the blockchain, smart contracts are transparent, immutable and secure.
    • Anyone can review the code and associated transactions.

Bring your crypto project to life in Zaragoza with Metlabs, your reliable partner in the development of blockchain solutions. We specialize in creating projects from scratch, allowing you to explore the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, DApps and smart contracts.

DApps development: With Metlabs, designing and developing decentralized applications (DApps) becomes a smooth and efficient process. From conceptualization to implementation, our experienced team takes care of every phase of development, ensuring an intuitive and secure user experience.

Smart Contracts with Solidity: We excel in the development of smart contracts using Solidity, the leading programming language in the blockchain ecosystem. We guarantee the solidity and security of your contracts, allowing you to take full advantage of automation and transparency.

Personalized Support: At Metlabs, we understand that each project is unique. That's why we offer personalized advice to adapt our solutions to your specific needs. From choosing the right blockchain to implementing effective strategies, we're with you every step of the way.

Efficient Deployment: We manage the efficient deployment of your crypto project, making sure it is ready to face the challenges of the market. Our expertise in the blockchain ecosystem allows us to offer solutions that are not only innovative, but also practical and sustainable.

Metlabs has extensive and successful experience in the development of blockchain solutions in Zaragoza. We have collaborated with several innovative projects in the region, contributing to the design and implementation of decentralized applications, smart contracts and other Web3 solutions. Our multidisciplinary team has worked closely with local companies to create customized and scalable products that leverage the full potential of blockchain technology. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive our clients' success in the exciting world of blockchain in Seville and beyond.

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