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Blockchain consulting services for companies

What does a Blockchain consultancy for companies consist of?

A Blockchain consultancy is much more than a simple technology adoption; it is a comprehensive strategy to optimize your business processes, increase efficiency and ensure security in your digital transactions. We will analyze your business model or idea to identify areas where Blockchain technology can generate a significant impact, be it a tokenization project, a traceability project in the supply chain etc.

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Blockchain Consulting

We will study your business needs and requirements, identifying key areas that will benefit from blockchain technology.




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Technological development

We will develop a tailor-made blockchain solution, ensuring seamless integration with your existing project and future expansions. We will guide you in an integral way in the technological development.





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Blockchain Training

We offer comprehensive training for your team and provide ongoing support to ensure that your project remains robust and secure.




What kind of Dapps or web3 platforms exist?

Decentralized Identity Applications (DID):

They empower individuals by providing solutions for the secure and private management of their online identity. uPort, for example, uses the Ethereum blockchain to create verifiable digital identities, allowing users to have control over their personal data and to share it securely.

Asset Tokenization (RWA)

The tokenization of assets (e.g. real estate) involves converting physical properties into digital tokens. On platforms such as RealT, investors can purchase tokens that represent a fraction of the real estate property. These tokens allow investors to participate in the property and receive proportional income through rents and other associated returns.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi DApps seek to decentralize and transform traditional financial services, such as lending, trading and interest generation. Platforms such as Uniswap facilitate the exchange of tokens in a decentralized manner through smart contracts and liquidity provided by the user community.

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Our Blockchain Development Services

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Smart Contracts Development

We develop Multi-chain Smart Contracts: Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum… through Solidity.

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dApps Development

We create decentralized applications from UX/UI, Front-end and API/Smart Contracts.

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Development of Smart Contracts for utility tokens & Security tokens using ERC-20/ERC-721.

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Smart Contracts Audit

Ensure the security and transparency of your smart contracts with our specialized audits.


NFT Marketplace

Expand your business possibilities with our ERC-721 NFT development services.

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Blockchain Consulting

Specialized advice with our experts to start your project with Blockchain technology.

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We help you launch your decentralized platform (dapp) from scratch

From conceptualization to execution, we will work with you to fully understand your vision and objectives. Our strategic consulting will help you make informed decisions about the platform, the underlying blockchain and the user experience. We will design and develop your DApp from scratch, adapting it to your specific needs. Whether on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or other networks, we make sure your DApp is unique and effective. We also take care of the creation and integration of efficient and secure smart contracts that support the operations of your decentralized platform.

Launch your tokenization project with Metlabs

Metlabs offers a comprehensive platform that covers all aspects of tokenization, from token creation to digital asset management. We simplify the process so you can focus on the essence of your project. We implement robust security measures, including regular audits and secure development practices, to ensure the integrity of your digital assets and the trust of your users.

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Solve your doubts about our solution

An NFT Marketplace is an online marketplace for buying and selling tokenized real and digital assets, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs can represent such things as artwork, collectibles, game items and digital content. Some examples are OpenSea or Rarible.

To create an NFT marketplace, you will need a developer of blockchain solutions and advanced dapps platforms, supporting ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens, as well as an API for easy integration. You will also need a wallet system; many solutions provide connections to existing wallet solutions; otherwise, consider creating an integrated wallet. Metlabs can implement your solution

You can monetize your NFT Marketplace by taking a percentage of the fees associated with buying and selling tokens on the marketplace, such as removing transaction fees, fees for creating and hosting items for sale, and listing fees. In addition, it can offer additional services such as token insurance and storage fees.

When creating an NFT marketplace, you should also consider features such as an escrow system to increase trust and confidence for buyers and sellers, a ranking system to profile the best sellers, customizable landing pages and store builders, vendor analytics, and other features that facilitate participation. easier. In addition, it is important to think about the user experience to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience in your Marketplace.

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